About us

About Us

At the Centre for Life Therapies, we take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Using processes and tools from NLP and Matrix Therapies, E-DISC and meditation, we deliver one-on-one coaching and group training programs to assist in improving your overall wellbeing. We work together to make improvements in your personal and business life and support you to make changes that can help you gain more time in the week to spend doing the things you love.


Sonya Furlong

Sonya Furlong is a life coach, therapist, meditation coach and certified trainer of NLP and Matrix Therapies.

After winning numerous awards as a television and film producer, and a successful career as an event manager, Sonya changed her course and studied to become a yoga and meditation teacher. With a desire to further help people, she studied to become a life coach and went on to learn NLP and Matrix Therapies – a process she found life-changing. Now, Sonya works with clients in personal coaching sessions, leads the Business Unbound Success program and trains others in NLP and Matrix Therapies.

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Meet the Team

Under the leadership of Sonya Furlong, our team works with you to make fast and lasting change to improve self-leadership, productivity and wellbeing.

Gina Mitchell

Gina is a certified life coach, accredited NLP Master practitioner and accredited hypnotherapist. She has been supporting her clients to reach their goals since 2011. She wrote a #1 best-selling book about female midlife relationships called ‘Ignite the Spark’. Gina has a background as a scientist and teacher. Her passions include, her family, pet cats, travel, advocating for animal rights and the environment.
What People are saying

“I found Gina 8 months ago, when I really wasn’t in a good place, as my hormones were out of control. But with Gina’s help I’ve got that under control and have lost 20 kg and am feeling the best I have in years. I recommend that anyone that is having midlife issues, to get help from Gina.”
– Deb King, Gillieston Vic.

Alex Knysh

Alex Knysh is an Energy Coach, who specialises in helping men and women overcome emotional blocks, journey into self-love and move forward in the direction of their dreams. Alex holds a Bachelor of Education Studies, an Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching, Master of NLP and Advanced Matrix Therapies, Master of Energy and Soul Coaching, Certified in Conscious Hypnosis and Certified mBIT Coaching. Alex is also Certified in Level 2 Reiki Healing.
What people are saying

“Working with Alex has allowed me to confront some of my more painful memories and learn effective strategies for dealing with my negative self-talk and difficult relationships, both personally and professionally, and to put my own needs first.”
-Suze, C., NSW

Ernest Frost

Ernest is a qualified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist living in Perth Australia and has a passion for his work. He helps people to find their true selves and rediscover their inner power again.
What people are saying

“I have been seeing Ernest over the past few months, I feel that I have learned an incredible amount about myself (plus a new understanding about other people’s behaviour also). This has truly impacted my thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis, bringing so much more inner peace and understanding to my life and those around me. I highly recommend not only this type of therapy, but also Ernest as a therapist.”
-Lisa Richardson, WA

Student Clinic

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“Sonya is wise, loving and insightful. She understands the frailties and complexities within people and is committed to helping them live life at their best. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make positive change in their lives.”
Sara C
“I feel inspired and excited to move forward to a more positive and productive future! I gained new knowledge and motivation as well as affirming and reminding me of directions I was taking but had dwindled from.