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Meet Sonya

Sonya's Story

Centre for Life Therapies was created by Sonya Furlong out of her desire to reach more people with the healing tools of life coaching, therapy, hypnosis and meditation so they can live their best lives.  

Beginning her career as a filmmaker in the Australian film industry, Sonya spent 15 years pursuing this passion which allowed her to travel the world and receive many awards. The proudest of which is the Australian Academy Award for a film she produced called “The Kiss”. 

Sonya then spent five years as an event manager, creating memories of a lifetime for her delegates including helicopters over Stonehenge and horse-drawn carriages through the city of London. These careers taught Sonya strong interpersonal skills, creative thinking, strategic management and negotiation.  

Through these decades Sonya was teaching and practicing meditation, finding it to be a rock in an ever-changing life. She studied life coaching and other modalities such as hypnosis and business coaching, wanting to create a business that combined meditation, yoga and life coaching to introduce others to the power of these healing modalities.  

In 2017 she began her business Sonya Furlong Life Coaching, and due to her success, expanded her business in 2019 to launch the Centre for Life Therapies.


Aiming for a Better Life

As a life coach therapist meditation teacher and a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Matrix Therapies, Sonya is dedicated to providing the best and latest advances in personal development to help her clients.

The goal is to heal their past and move confidently into their desired future. She believes everyone can have a better life. Based on this philosophy, Centre for Life Therapies helps women and men who are going through many difficult and diverse transitions in their life: career dissatisfaction, disconnected relationships, life after empty nest or retirement, life after loss, teenagers navigating into adulthood, the emotional trauma from a health crisis, just to name a few.

Your Time to Shine

Life coaching can be described as bringing out the best of you. Think of a diamond; no matter how much dirt is covering the diamond, it is still a pure diamond. You are like this diamond. You may have had a lifetime of trauma, difficult situations, feeling disempowered, feeling lost and unheard, but ultimately, that is all external dirt and negative influence that has piled up on top of you, hiding your natural shine, your natural magnificence.

Through using the many different tools available in life coaching, you can clean away the negativity of decades of living in this sometimes-harsh world. Underneath all the misinformation and misfortune, you are tough like a diamond and you can heal your inner child, reclaim your personal power, and move forward in your life, in the direction of your choosing.

A Hub for All Aspects of Life

What makes the Centre for Life Therapies unique is the one-stop wholistic hub for your healing and personal development. Using life coaching, therapy and meditation, as well as modalities such as energy healing and hypnosis, there is help for everyone. We believe you need both the healing of the past, as well as taking action to move forward, to feel whole and fulfilled. Once you’ve healed the emotional blocks which are holding you back, you’ll be setting goals based on strong confident foundations, using proven principles of success.  

The good news is, the answers are already known, you don’t need to stumble around for years carrying your baggage and living an unhappy life. Let us help you drop the emotional baggage and sparkle in your natural light.  

How We Help

We help people in many different ways, including private sessions, online programs, group classes, workshops and certified trainings in NLP and Matrix Therapies. We can help you heal many personal and professional problems, here’s some just to name a few:


Your time is valuable, as is your energy and your freedom.  We know that good relationships and a meaningful existence is important.  It is our purpose to provide the tools of healing, coaching and training so you can fulfil your full potential, and when the time comes for you to take your final breath, you will look back on a life you are proud of.  As Marianne Williamson says, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” 

Let’s uncover your diamond together and allow you to shine brightly.

Sonya's Qualifications

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