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Meet Sonya

Welcome to Centre for Life Therapies

Having harnessed the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Matrix Therapies to reshape her own life, our founder, Sonya Furlong, developed a passion for NLP and then had a Eureka! moment.

Believing “EVERYONE needs to know about this”, she evolved Sonya Furlong Life Coaching into the Centre for Life Therapies with a deep focus on NLP: the study of success and the pursuit of excellence.

Under Sonya’s guidance, the Centre for Life Therapies continues to grow as Australia’s number one NLP sanctuary for mental well-being and personal development and a powerhouse for transformative change.

We give people the structure, plan and tools to replicate the mindset and results of their role models across all aspects of life.

A Team of Experts

Sonya leads a team of inspiring coaches, therapists, and trainers at the Centre for Life Therapies. Each coach is certified by the NLP’s governing body, NLPAA, and they are dedicated to helping clients unlock their potential, whether addressing specific issues or seeking clarity in life.

Trained to the Highest NLP Level

Over the years, Sonya has continued her love of lifelong learning, eventually achieving her NLP Master Trainer qualification in 2023 at the University of California Santa Cruz, the birthplace of NLP. She is one of a handful of certified NLP Masters Trainers in Australia.

How We Help

The Centre for Life Therapies offers various services to help clients, including those below. If you can’t see what you need, just ask!

Hire Sonya to Speak at Your Event

As a member of the Professional Speakers Association, Sonya is happy to brainstorm topics for organisations. Recent highlights include keynotes on mindset at the BNI Directors and Ambassadors Summit, guest speaker and coach at BHL, Metlife and JP Morgan and speaking about the benefits of NLP for mental health to over 200 people at Liverpool Council’s Art of Living Mental Health Month event.

Our Big Mission

Over the next ten years, we will build a not-for-profit organisation to bring NLP to disadvantaged communities and all walks of life. We aim to uplift the consciousness of 1% of people on the planet using NLP. Starting in Australia, where there are 26 million people, the plan is to expose 260,000 Aussies to NLP.

Sonya's Qualifications

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