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Success stories

People we've helped

Centre for Life Therapies has helped transform many lives through our coaching and training programs. People just like you have increased their motivation and mindset, moved closer to achieving their goals and made profound and lasting change in their lives.

Read these testimonials and case studies to see how Centre for Life Therapies have helped people find clarity in their lives and gain more time to spend doing the things they love.

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My name is Theo, and for as long as I can remember I have isolated myself socially and been afraid to participate in life because I felt that mistakes I had made in my past meant I didn't deserve to enjoy my life. I didn't understand why but I continued to punish myself for these mistakes, live in fear and continually self sabotage.

Then I was referred to Sonya by someone who saw my destructive habits. It was difficult for me to be honest with someone I didn't know, and more so follow a path that doesn't always align with my overly logical and scientific background. It was, however, the right decision for me.

Working with Sonya allowed me to better understand my motivations and my limitations. I was able to move past not only my most destructive behaviours but also to start to repair the causes of them.

For the first time in a decade I am able to genuinely relax. My life is by no means perfect but I now no longer fear the worst. The anxiety and fear that had become so part of my everyday life has gone, and as a result I have found that life has changed in unexpected and unintended ways from no longer biting my nails to losing weight.

I highly recommend Sonya for anyone that wants to improve their life or who has a particular issue to deal with. I can say from experience that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results if you let yourself go on the journey.
- Theo C.
My name is Fatima.I have always been in leadership roles, but only within smaller organisations (managing a team of 2 staff and then 5 staff).

In May 2021, I was fortunate enough to obtain a senior executive position within a large organisation but from day 1 l was really questioning my abilities, my purpose and really why I had been hired. Despite me having the qualifications, I felt like an imposter, that I was too young and that they had made a mistake in hiring me. In meetings I would shrink down, keep my camera off, stay on mute and really hate every second of it constantly wondering what I was doing and whether or not they would see that they had a made a mistake in hiring me. What if what I said was stupid? What if I really showed my age when I spoke? Would they performance manage me out?

I became withdrawn in myself, I was upset every day and while I had a vision for the organisation I was too afraid I would be laughed at, ridiculed and not taken seriously. I was now leading a team of 50 staff and was accountable to the General Manager & other senior executives and really feeling the pressure. I had even begun looking at other roles and was really feeling depressed and upset that I had left a role I knew I was good at. I knew I wanted a career but I also knew deep down that I wanted a family and as a woman, could I do both? Was I too young to be in this position? Had they made a mistake? How could I have kids now??

Then I met Sonya ….

Well, actually, before I met Sonya, I would regularly catch up with a class mate and I would offload all my work problems and all my insecurities to him. He was great, but it unfortunately got to the point where he actually said that he didn’t know if he could remain impartial or really assist me with the type of demons I was battling and he didn’t want to lead me astray. He suggested life coaching (or a therapist) and I decided to do some research. I was really, really hesitant at first and didn’t think it would be for me. I cried through our whole first session with Sonya and told Sonya all my problems and feelings and Sonya said many things but the one thing that still sticks with me “step into your power. Be the Queen they know you are - they hired you for a reason, show them what that is. You are a QUEEN”.

After working with Sonya for now 8 months I have achieved way more than I ever thought possible. I have pitched multiple ideas to the general manager and executive staff who now regularly ask what my opinion is. I feel valued, I speak up, I am present. Every meeting I am there ready (with my camera on) and with at least one thing I need to contribute (through my goal setting with Sonya!)z I feel confident and I believe in my abilities. I even regularly network (something that terrified me) and have established a fantastic support team within the organisation (never in a million years would I have randomly asked someone for a coffee, just because!). I am happy and confident. Sure, there are days I have my doubts but I have been taught that this is OK.. and now have strategies to combat this.

My life has changed for the better! Sonya has even helped me see that i can do both - love my career yet still have a family. I am a completely different person that I was 8 months ago - and everyone can see that.

I highly recommend Sonya for life coaching and if you ever feel unsure of yourself. The power is within and it has really taken me such a long time to realise that. Investing in Sonya is a life investment for yourself however knowing that you also need to do the work - Sonya gives you the tools (and that extra push you need). I knew I wanted a life where I was comfortable in my skin, knew my purpose and just happy - I’m a happy, confident person now. I can’t even begin to thank Sonya enough.
- Fatima
My name is Judith Cox. I was really unfocussed on where I was heading with life in general and this was starting to cause issues for me at home and work. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, but I reached out to our local community Facebook page for life-coaches and Sonya was one of the recommendations. I really liked that she offered a free chat first as this gave me a chance to “meet” Sonya before deciding whether to commit or not.

I admit to being a little hesitant initially purely due to the cost, however her flexible payment option made that a lot easier to manage and after working with Sonya for a year I can honestly say it has been worth every single cent and more!

Since working with Sonya I have better relationships with everyone, from my partner to my parents, my siblings and my work colleagues. I also have more focus on where I want my life to go and how to get there. All in all I feel more in control of my life and more able to deal with challenges as and when they occur.

I highly recommend Sonya to help you see your way through any confusion you are having with life and find a clear path out. Sonya has the most generous, kind, caring nature and never fails to make me feel better each and every time we connect and I really look forward to continuing with her coaching.
- Judith Cox
My name is LG, I had massive problems affecting my career, family life and social life - as I now realise, because of how I responded to others around me. Then I met Sonya. I started experiencing immediate results which gave me a completely different perspective of life and boosted my confidence as a human being. After 12 sessions over a few months, I've achieved the highest level in my dream career, I connect differently with other people, and most importantly I met 'myself' again ....the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me!

Other changes that have happened: I'm planning a coaching business of some sort.

My husband and I are much better, the little voice in my head asking me to get a divorce disappeared! Now I set boundaries with my husband.

I now give priority to my children’s demands more instead of getting irritated. Even the problems with my in laws- I’m now determined to have a different approach than running away. My mother-in-law left my head! I have a different relationship with my mother.

Most importantly, I found few photos of my beautiful smile making their way to my phone and profile photos! and I keep looking at them admiring as I used to do. I now trust myself so much. I dream of what I like. I speak up.

Few times a day, I wonder how happy I’m now, and I pinch myself! I highly recommend Sonya for all her coaching, especially matrix therapies.
- LG
My name is Martin, and I was looking for some help with some festering issues in my life. I felt that I had no ‘get up and go’, everything was becoming monotonous and dull, I was procrastinating about every decision in my life, and had real problems in communicating my feelings to those I cared about. I lived in a state of fear of upsetting people around me, and I felt like I wasn’t being ‘me’, or honouring what I wanted or needed.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed, as everything seemed like a blur. The result of these problems was that I came across an uncommunicative, unemotional, uncaring and aloof. I used to double book myself constantly, because I was afraid of saying no and letting people down. The irony wasn’t lost on me!

I initially searched for a life coach, someone who would keep me accountable. But I came across Sonya who became so much more than that. I was initially hesitant, as although I had visited a few psychologists, I’d never experienced NLP. After our first meeting I was sold, as Sonya is so easy to talk to. I felt I could be 100% honest and trusted her completely.

I’ve been working with Sonya for about 3 months, and the change in me has been nothing short of amazing. Life has totally changed for the better. Everything in my life is different, my outlook on life is different. I’m always calm, and I wake up in the morning and I'm happy. I feel like a completely different person, although I know that I am still me – just the me I was always supposed to be. I’ve let go of all the worries, doubts and beliefs that have limited me all these years and feel as if I’m moving forwards, and not constantly looking backwards.

Where before I used to think of doing things, and beat myself up for never following through, I now decide and do. I’ve found myself talking to strangers and being more open and authentic. I can have difficult conversations with people, and don’t people please anymore. I instinctively know what’s right for me. Without doubt, this is the best money I have ever spent. I’m my best self, and am amazed at how little time it took. I did put in a lot of effort and leaned into the process, and am so glad that I did. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sonya.
- Dr. Martin Doyle
A friend of mine recommended Sonya to me, as someone who might be able to help me with some emotional obstacles that were frustrating my personal and work life. In the initial consultation we discussed the challenges I was dealing with and worked out a plan of priority areas to address. During the subsequent weekly sessions we progressed through the plan 'clearing' each area as we went. After six sessions I have been able to move these problem areas, and a few additional ones, into a clearer and more manageable place. I am now able to focus on doing today without having those obstacles from the past getting in my way like they once did - brilliant! I am very happy to recommend Sonya.
- Ian M
I have attended Sonya Furlong's Total Focus Workshop and then I had private Matrix Therapies sessions with her as I needed to see life from another perspective. She helped to clear my negative thoughts absolutely which I have been carrying from my childhood. Within three sessions I was able to stand on my feet. Her genuine interactions with me were mind blowing. I definitely recommend her for Life coaching and Total Focus Workshop. I give her Five Star out Five. Stay Blessed Sonya and God Bless.
- Sanket D
Thank you so much for helping me with my self doubt, insecurities, getting rid of toxic thoughts & actions from my life, as well as helping with my anxiety & depression! At first I didn’t think that talking to someone and going into my “unconscious mind” to get rid of negative feelings towards myself & others was a thing, yet the result of all these feelings was anger and depression. Through talking to Sonya for 9 sessions these reactions and feelings have improved dramatically! I highly recommend Sonya for anyone who is going through self doubt, depression, or letting go of someone who has had a toxic impact into your life and you can’t forget it.
- Courtney McKinnon
Sonya has really helped my daughter become the happy, gorgeous girl I always knew she was! My daughter saw many psychologists and a psychiatrist over many years since being a teenager, yet Sonya has been able to give her focus and help her deal with issues that were troubling her in a positive, productive way. She is happier, healthier and getting on with life now. Thank you, Sonya, for all your help!
- Kym McKinnon
There came a point where I really needed to improve focus, balance and organisation in my life. I was grieving my beautiful Mum who recently passed away, while trying to balance a family of my own, care for my 85 year old father who now lives alone, help run a family business, and always be there for other friends and family who needed me. Life was becoming quite overwhelming and I struggled to have time for ME. Things had to change as my health and wellbeing were suffering.

Then along came the wonderful Sonya, who I met at a Christmas function. She truly was like a breath of fresh with her caring nature and very positive outlook on life. I was truly inspired by Sonya's knowledge and what she had to offer. After a chat on the phone I signed for 6 private sessions up front with The Total Focus Workshop. I continued to follow up the 2 day Total Focus Workshop course with the group webinars, which showed me that there were others out there with similar stories. The 6 private sessions were amazing, as we really focused on me and what I needed to change, to be a more balanced and happier person.

There have been many changes, but a few significant one's are: taking time out to go walking, do yoga and meditate, have more sleep, plan a more structured work day, make more time for my husband and 2 teenage children, and learn to delegate and ask for help. I feel stronger in myself, I feel more empowered to speak up and say what I want and how I feel both personally and professionally. I can now look at photos of my wonderful Mum and cherish the memories without the constant flow of tears.

Thank you Sonya for helping me to "stop and smell the roses", to smile, laugh and be so thankful for all the wonders in my life, both past and present.
- Lisa Dixon
I met Sonya through a work colleague, and my world changed immediately. I first joined the Total Focus Workshop to lose weight and find out more about Sonya and her techniques. My intentions were to learn strategies to find time at home to exercise and eat healthy, without feeling guilty or interrupting my family's routine.

Sonya is loving and kind, and passionate about supporting people in creating the best life for them. Sonya uses language I understand, builds instant connection, and I trusted her within minutes of our first meeting.

The 90 Day Challenge which followed the Total Focus Workshop was hard, and Sonya supported me, the whole group, the entire time. I made friendships, I learnt many things about myself I did not already know, adding new skills to my tool box, gained resources and today I find time for me.

During the 90 Day Challenge I committed to the fortnightly webinar. I focussed on changing my self talk, being kind to self, putting self first, saying yes, celebrating my achievements, believing a thought is only that and I have the power to change it. I learnt how to be strong and confident and ask for what I want in life...

When I completed the 90 Days I had lost weight, I loved myself more, I spoke up for what I believed in and was more myself without inner judgment. I had matured. I cared more about me, and I wanted more!!!!

I booked in 6 private sessions with Sonya, and then another 6 sessions. I had made significant changes in my life in such a short period of time, I knew Sonya was the person to help me heal my childhood trauma. Over the next few months we worked together, releasing emotions that I had held onto for a long time: anger, sadness, resentment, rejection, grief. After hours of tears and letting go, with Sonya supporting my journey, with compassion and love and kindness, I feel free, happy, loved, and I've learnt to receive.

Recently I received a promotion at work, a dream job!!!!! I did the work and was rewarded. Without Sonya this would not have been possible.

I believe in Sonya, her techniques and Matrix therapy. I believe change is possible and I believe in letting go to find joy and happiness within. I am grateful Sonya is in my life.
- CW
I came to see Sonya because I was struggling to open myself up to the prospect of a romantic relationship. I was carrying a lot of old baggage and didn’t know how to move forward from past events.

I was skeptical at first, but soon opened myself up to Sonya’s process and very quickly I started to see the benefits.

Sonya's coaching and therapy helped me to unpack past events and understand the dynamics in my relationships - and how they impacted my current behaviour and self belief. She helped me to overcome feelings that were blocking my ability to be open to love. The process allowed me to identify with my more authentic self, which gave me the confidence to take chances again and attract what I wanted in a relationship.

I always considered myself to be a relatively self aware person, but I was constantly surprised by the revelations Sonya helped me uncover week to week. I had tried conventional therapy before but had never experienced the results I did with Sonya.

The life events that unfolded during and after my sessions with Sonya are a testament to her skill and her process. It wasn't long before I met a beautiful man and I am now in a healthy committed relationship.

I believe that sometimes we don't have the ability to see the things we need to in order to change. Sonya is wise, loving and insightful. She understands the frailties and complexities within people and is committed to helping them live life at their best. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make positive change in their lives.
- Jessica
I was introduced to Sonya by a respected mentor of mine and I’m so pleased we connected. Sonya helped me identify some areas where there were blocks for me and she helped me clear them leading to more joy and happiness which was my goal by having her coach me.

Would I recommend her? Hell Yeah!

She is highly skilled using proven techniques and processes to help people achieve and have more.

A heartfelt thank you.

- Sam S.
My name is Leanne. I wanted to leave an unhappy marriage and was struggling to overcome the guilt, indecision and doubt. I was procrastinating about the change and was not moving forward. Then I met Sonya. At our first meeting I felt very comfortable with Sonya, she listened to my issues and seemed to understand what I needed. I had an immediate trust in what Sonya would be able to offer and I signed up for the Total Focus Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and signed up for the Webinars and one-on-one sessions. Since completing my programme with Sonya, I have moved on from my marriage and I feel free. I have released the guilt, hurt and emotions that were holding me back, and now I look forward with positivity and happiness. I highly recommend Sonya for any personal issues/thoughts/beliefs that are holding you back from being who you truly want to be.
- Leanne X
I knew when I started working with Sonya I was going to be pushing myself personally! As a proud country boy this kinda stuff was not my cup of tea. To dive deep into dark emotional topics was something I always pushed aside (even tried to do so at the beginning of the program) however with Sonya there is no option, as Sonya knows this is what is mentally, emotionally and spiritually holding you back from becoming the person you want to be in life.

Since working with Sonya I have become clear on my strengths in my business which has given me more clarity and direction to build my business to the next level. People close to me have said I am now more self-aware, better at negotiation and able to control my emotions in difficult situations.

Thanks very much Sonya for the personal development we have achieved together!
- Blake Allen
On a personal note, I needed to tell you that I honestly loved yesterday [Total Focus Workshop] so much! Separate from the fact that I'm your social media person, I genuinely could not sing your praises enough. I loved the scientific side of the way your brain works - I found that fascinating. More so I went in with this mentality that I'd love it but would gain more from learning about how to organise myself and my business. I'm confident and happy right!? This did happen, but I also learnt so much about myself in the process, the negative self-talk that I give myself is just shocking and I actually became quite emotional as I allowed myself to realise it for the first time ever.

I realised that when my little girl gets really upset and she tantrums and loses it, I often say to myself "maybe if this is all too much, Dave (My husband) might leave me" or "he might not love me anymore if this is all too hard." or I'll say "its my fault, I'm a bad mum". Its SOOO crazy because I know none of these things are true. My husband adores the ground I walk on. I know I'm a great mum. But still, I was never prepared to listen to my inner voice before now. I realised that this negativity affects all areas of life and will grow bigger if I'm not careful.

I also realised, it came into play in past relationships as a younger, immature teen/young adult. I used to choose people that filled a void. People who were exciting or dangerous, who drank or partied too much and weren't necessarily good for me. It was as if the excitement they imposed meant they wouldn't get bored with me -just as I am. Or, if they were nice to me,I felt I needed to please them constantly to make them love me. After a while I would hurt them intentionally because I was shutting them out before they got sick of me. I realise now I didn't need to, I was and am enough. I only see that now. Before now, it was always them with the problem.

As a kid I used to get desperately upset when I thought my parents would be disappointed in me. If I got a detention I was beside myself. My family always laughed it off as "cute" but looking back now I'm like - "wow - that was actually a call for help".

I'm so excited to just slow down and take note of my emotions when they come up. I can't wait to catch them and correct my own thoughts as they happen. Overall I just feel so much lighter and clearer. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. Thanks for coming into my life. You really are inspiring.
- Steph W
I met first Sonya at an event. I found out that she was a Life Coach and was drawn to her light hearted, warm and open energy. As a student of coaching and personal development, I was keen to find out more about Sonya's coaching practice. In my initial catch-up session Sonya shared some interesting insights and observations on human behaviour, how sometimes knowing and unknowingly we hold ourselves back and sabotage our own growth. Some of the models of human behaviour that Sonya shared with me on our first chat intrigued me and created curiosity for me to dig deeper and find some answers for myself that I have been searching for a while through my personal journey.

I had already started my personal developmental journey when I met Sonya but felt that I needed a different approach for some of the emotions that were still very deeply locked in my psyche. I had lost a parent many years ago and after working through the emotions last couple of years, I felt that my emotions around the loss were still unresolved. When I signed up with Sonya, I was looking to get closure on this feeling of loss and grief and was hoping to move forward in a positive way.

After doing the 1:1 sessions with Sonya, not just 6 but 12 sessions as there was so much emotional baggage, anger, grief and resentment that required internal work, I was given clarity on what the emotions I was holding represented for me, following which I was successfully able to reframe and re-associate and give the past emotions and experiences a different meaning.

Along with the 1:1 sessions with Sonya, I had also attended the Total Focus Workshop, which occurred over two weekends leading into a 90 Day Challenge which also included fortnightly webinars through which Sonya truly supported and championed us all who participated.

All the work with Sonya has lead me onto a new path for my life, finding my true self, who had sat dormant or shy behind so many layers of emotion, chaos and misinterpretation. After the sessions and workshops with Sonya I now see myself more clearly of who I am, who I was trying to be and who I can choose to be in the future to achieve all the goals I am now setting myself for a better, happier, wholistic and a more fulfilling life.

I would highly recommend the 1:1 sessions minimum 6 and maybe even more to suit your needs and what you would like to achieve from your life and relationships. I would also recommend signing up for the Total Focus Workshop to get you started on the journey to your real self; the soul deep inside you, that is yearning to be revealed. You can wait a lifetime and everything including you, your thoughts, emotions and behaviours may still be the same or you can personally experience this change in yourself, feel the difference and see the impact of these changes within yourself in a heartbeat and the ripple effects it has in all areas of your life.

Thank you so much Sonya for giving me this opportunity to work with you and helping me find my true self who was hidden for so many years and was yearning to be seen. It has been some incredible journey and an absolute pleasure working with you these past few months of deep self-work that has now put me on this path of self-acceptance, learning, growth and discovery as I am more open to the new opportunities around me and I explore new ways of being me in the most truest and most authentic way for me. I deeply value your support, kindness, generosity and openness through our interactions and will cherish the sessions. Looking forward to doing some more workshops with you in the near future.
- FD
I cannot speak too highly of Sonya Furlong. In the darkest, most difficult time of my life, Sonya helped me. Not just cope, but thrive. She taught me to accept what I thought were overwhelming challenges, confront them, and create a new life. To see challenges as opportunities. To deal with grief. To say goodbye to an old life that was doing me damage. Sonya guided me through tough times, helped me grow, and helped me become a better person. Sonya helped me follow dreams that I had always wanted to chase, but lacked the courage to pursue. I now live a happier, humbler, simpler, more rewarding life as a result. I would urge those I love most to see Sonya. She is a life saver. Thank you Sonya. From the bottom of my heart.
- Rob
I wanted to become a life coach and lose some weight. Therefore I decided to find myself a life coach that will guide me through the process and get me closer to my goals. I tried talking to a few coaches but as soon as I met Sonya I knew she was the one! We clicked instantly, the fantastic energy was evident. Very quickly Sonya directed me on the right path and encouraged me to focus on one main important goal which I did. The result - I am now studying life coaching in a fantastic school, resigned from my full time job, opened my own business and dedicated myself full time to coaching! Sonya is funny, understanding and great to be around. She will help you clearing limiting beliefs about yourself that stops you from taking actions towards the life that you really want. This is a fantastic investment in yourself, just do it!
- BK
Just before our first appointment, I was terrified - I remember messaging Sonya to say I didn’t know if I could do it. I was anxious. Even though I desperately seeked spiritual healing, I wasn’t ready to face my fears; or afraid of what might come up. I’ve never been great at facing my emotions. Sonya reassured me that we would work through my feelings at my pace and that she would be “gentle”. I’m glad I didn’t listen to FEAR and continued on my journey with her - It was nothing short of amazing. Our sessions had depth, at times were confronting and I’m not ashamed to say; tears. Tears of sadness, tears of joy - Tears to let go. I have greater clarity of my journey now, both spiritually and physically and am inspired and excited to take action and kick arse to be the best me! Thanks Sonya!

And a little note to fellow dudes; Don’t be afraid to “let your guard down” and enjoy this experience. I was always afraid to be vulnerable, as you may be too, but opening up to Sonya and taking this journey changed everything for me. I’m sure it will for you too.
- Matt P
I never expected to be single in my 50's which happened just as I was leaving the security of a high paying corporate job to start my own consultancy. Not having children, focus had always been on my career and other business-related activities and of course being a wife and homemaker with minimal outside interests. But who was I as a person?

Meeting Sonya at a business event, I warmed to her straight away. The concept of "soul coaching" really resonated. I've done a lot of professional development over many years including executive coaching, but not really worked on my own needs. We met for a coffee and I could see this was what I needed, but rather than the group workshop I wanted to get started straight away with one on one coaching.

Looking at my Wheel of Life it was clear I was lacking in the fun and recreation segment. We set about planning my future on the personal side throwing up lots of ideas like more time with friends and family, dancing, comedy, travel and building community. Having articulated the list, opportunities for these experiences have been coming my way, a highlight being doing a stand-up comedy course. This was not only fun but quite cathartic exploring dating today verses before I got married!

My girlfriends have seen a real improvement in easing the pain of the life I have left behind. Sonya’s soul coaching exercises, whilst quite challenging, took me deep into the issues around my failed marriage and how to come out the other side. Sonya’s process has helped me move from fear of an unknown future to the excitement of creating my own future. I feel more confident as a person, not just someone with a business mask!

With the pressures today from work, your own and extended family and other over commitments women tend to make, there is little time for your own self-discovery. By engaging with Sonya, not only will you feel more comfortable in your own skin, you will become more centered, connected and supportive of those around you.
- Stacey M
I've had my fair share of ups n downs and experienced countless hours in therapy chairs. Yesterday I had a delightful, heartwarming experience with Sonya Furlong. Yes still cried, however it was gentle and supportive and ultimately a relief. Please don't keep on trying to be the best you can be by soldiering on, go n do something with Sonya. She is fabulous.
- Kate M
When I first came to see Sonya I was very depressed, insecure and emotional. I was curled up in the foetal position, unable to make a move. I wanted to give up. I was haunted by events that occurred in my younger years and because of this I had very low self-esteem. Sonya was referred to me and from our initial meeting, I felt very comfortable with her.

Since the end of our 1:1 sessions I have been fantastic. I seem to have a new lease on life. I don’t really understand it but i feel very happy with myself. I just want to thank Sonya from the bottom of my heart for all she has done for me. And, for the first time in my life, I have the confidence to begin my own business.
- Gladys R