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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of successful behaviour. It teaches certain processes to replicate that behaviour in your own life. Matrix Therapies are processes to clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Both can assist you to make profound and lasting change and allow you to fulfill your true potential and help others achieve their true potential.

Certified Hypnotherapy training - $2,200

4-Day Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. Learn how to help clients Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Release Stress and Pain. Dates: February 3-6, 2023.

Certified Practitioner training in NLP & Matrix Therapies - $4,400

7 days live training. Learn the techniques of healing the past and building success for now and in the future. These techniques you will use for the rest of your life, for both yourself in business and with your friends and family.

The next 7-day live trainings for 2022, available face-to-face and online.

  • September 29-30, October 1-2 & 8-10
Included Value
7 days NLP Training (incl the 2 days of Matrix Therapies) $6,990
Matrix Therapies training, included above -
Manuals including scripts $200
NLP Practitioner Audio Files $1,195
Total $8,385
Discount $3,985
Your Investment $4,400

Master Practitioner training in NLP & Matrix Therapies (includes Practitioner) - $8,800

Certified training in the full body of work of NLP. 16 days live training (7 for Prac, 9 for Master Prac). Understand the Quantum Realm, learn advanced selling and negotiation strategies, learn the hierarchy of values, Spiral Dynamics, Advanced Personality Meta-Programs. Includes 3 days of Advanced Matrix Therapies – Detailed Personal History, Clearing Negative Influence and Grief, Dream Analysis, Reclaim Power and Goal Evolution. (Includes Practitioner) The next 9-day live trainings are: February/March 2023. Currently NOT available online.
Included Value
Practitioner Training (7 days) $4,400
9 days NLP Master Practitioner Training $8,990
3 days Advanced Matrix Therapies training, included above -
Manuals, including scripts $200
36 hours of Master Practitioner Audio Files $2,195
Total $15,785
Discount $6,985
Your Investment $8,800

Trainers Training in NLP & Matrix Therapies (includes Practitoner & Master Practitioner) - $12,000

Do you: 

  • want skills that are polished and bulletproof?
  • want to always be confident in front of an audience?
  • want to influence others to achieve outstanding success?
  • want to take a quantum leap in your understanding of NLP?
  • want to step up to the next level in your Mastery and Wisdom?
NLP Trainer’s gives you the ability to train anything! Whether you want to teach NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, weekend programs of your own design, corporate courses, speeches or simply command meetings effectively, Trainer’s Training will give you the confidence to present with professionalism and dynamism.
  • Payment plans available (add 10% to your investment).  

  • All prices include GST.

  • All prices in Australian Dollars.