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Ignore the naysayers

Life Coaching

Ignore the naysayers

As I settle into my Blue Mountains accommodation for a writing retreat I saw this quote and reflected on how far my life has come since I stopped listening to what people told me I “should” do, and started doing what I wanted to do.

So many of my clients come to me held back by their fears and doubts, and their limiting beliefs about their abilities to create their life EXACTLY how they want.

Please, I beg you, trust your intuition that is telling you to spread your wings and fly. You have great work to do, so don’t hold back. Begin today to take the next steps to grow into your power and fulfill your dreams. When you ignore the naysayers and follow your inner guidance, not only will your life improve immeasurably, but you will be helping others too.

There is no time to waste! So let’s begin today.

Love and light
Sonya ????