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New Year’s Resolutions don’t work: How to create goals you’ll achieve in 2021

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New Year’s Resolutions don’t work: How to create goals you’ll achieve in 2021

On January 1st, your social media feeds were likely filled with calls to create your resolutions for 2021 and change your life for good. While we love the idea of setting your intentions for the year ahead, unfortunately, it’s not enough to write down a goal and cross your fingers.

Studies show that only 8% meet their goals, and most don’t make it past the first month! In fact, January 12th has been identified by the University of Scranton as the fateful day that most people break their new-found commitments.

Successful goal setting is about creating a mindful strategy and achievement takes accountability, and we can help with that.

2021 visualisation starts by letting go of 2020

2020, what a year! It’s one you might like to forget but hopefully you can look back on some positives that you can carry into this new year. Maybe your new home workout routine, regular Zoom calls with friends and family, a delicious banana bread recipe you’ve finally perfected, or simply being able to appreciate the things you have, instead of burning yourself out trying to get everything.

Take some time to reflect, find a calm space and practice deep breathing turning your focus inward to calm your mind. Think about the year that was, appreciate the positive aspects, reflect on the negatives and give yourself permission to let them go.

A great tip is to spend some time writing down five things to release, and five things you want to bring into 2021. Read them aloud to make your intentions clear.

Now, let’s get specific about your goals!

The most realistic way to achieve your resolutions is by understanding exactly what it is you want. Be specific and ask yourself where are you now in relation to where you want to be? What will you see or feel when you’ve reached your goal? How will you know when you have what you’re longing for?

Breaking down your goals is also the easiest way to identify what resources you need to achieve them, and the plan you need to make to put things in motion.

The SMART acronym will quickly become your goal planning go-to and a way to set achievable goals. It stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-based.

Then, focus your goals and start building habits.

It’s important to look at the bigger picture when setting your resolutions to discover your purpose and make clear your ultimate goal. But if you go forward planning to run a marathon without first setting manageable targets, you’re more likely to fail.

Daily habits are the key to making a real difference in your life and working toward achieving your goals. Focus on one habit from 2020 you’d most like to release from your life and a new habit you want to create to help you achieve your goals, then set an intentional plan to change your habits.

Creating a habit is about setting a cue, routine and reward. You need to be conscious of what triggers your current habits, set an alternative routine you enjoy to replace old habits and then reward yourself for every win, even the small ones.

The kind of behaviour that doesn’t work would be saying you want to go for a run every day, but only when you feel like it. The cue here is based on feeling like it, so on the days you’re not in the mood you don’t run. Instead, be intentional about your habit.

A new cue could be: “When I get home from work, I put on my trainers and go for a run. I reward myself by watching an episode of my favourite TV show.”

The cue is tied to putting on your trainers, a small step that’s easy to take every day, no matter your mood, and you’ve created something to look forward to once you’ve achieved this small daily goal. Over time it becomes habit without having to think about it because you’ve got a procedure in place to make it happen.

Finally, seek accountability.

Putting procedure into place is a great way to begin working on your goals, and accountability is the key to continue working until you achieve them. Set your Vision Statement for 2021 and address what you want, why you want it, when you want it, what you’ll do to get it, and how you’ll reward yourself for progress along the way. Then, share it with the world! Get your friends and family involved or professionals who can hold you accountable and keep you on track.

Staying accountable can be as simple as sharing updates online or working with one of our coaches who will celebrate the small wins with you and ensure you’re always feeling motivated.

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