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The Key to Finding Success – Letting Go of Your Emotional Baggage

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The Key to Finding Success – Letting Go of Your Emotional Baggage


When you think about what success means to you, you’re likely thinking about everything to come to you in the future. Be it a promotion, your goals of having a family, buying a house, starting your own business or simply creating more downtime, we always think what’s ahead is the key to success.  

But what if I told you that your past could be the key to unlocking every success you want to create in life? 

There are plenty of old sayings that go something like ‘you can’t change the past so leave it be’. I don’t see it this way. It’s your past that has shaped you as a human being in your personal life and career. Your experiences have a lot of impact on your perspective, and negativity from your past has a way of holding you back and creating bad habits.

I always say to my clients, “All you need to do is work on yourself, and everything else will fall into place.”  And this is exactly what happens for client after client. 

You too can work on yourself by addressing the baggage you’re hanging onto from your past which can allow you to move forward toward success. 

We often talk about past trauma being the influence over current behaviours. Trauma is a big word, and those limitations from your past don’t have to be hyperbolic moments. It can be instances of workplace bullying in your career, struggling to advance and getting knocked back from interview after interview, or even more personal experiences like your parents making you feel like you’re unable to live up to their expectations. 

When you begin to look at and let go of these issues, you’ll quickly see how unlimited your view of your potential will become. 

These feelings and negative behaviours are often unconscious, so it can be hard to work on a problem that isn’t staring you in the face.  So, how can you know that it’s your past that is holding you back?

Well, it’s time to take a look at the outcomes in your life and your satisfaction with them. 

Maybe your career is not progressing the way you wanted. Your business isn’t flourishing as planned, or your financial situation doesn’t match your goals.  Perhaps your personal life and relationships are not making you fulfilled. You could simply be lacking in confidence and feeling stuck. 

These likely come down to emotional troubles that are caused by subconscious behaviours influenced by your past. As for moving forward, NLP and Matrix therapies is a valuable way to begin peeling back the layers and helping to sculpt you into the person you want to be. 

Start by defining what you really want. Journaling can be a great way to pay better attention to what’s making you happy, what isn’t making you happy and what you think would make you feel fulfilled in your day to day life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing every thought that comes to your head, but adding a few paragraphs whenever you’re feeling stuck or confused by the outcomes in your life is an excellent way to pinpoint what it is you need to let go of to move forward. 

Of course, it can feel overwhelming to get started on your own, and accountability is many of our biggest failures when it comes to personal and career growth. That’s why we’ve created our Business Unbound program that begins with an in-depth consultation about your wants and goals and ends with you feeling empowered, confident and equipped with the tools you need to create real change in your life. 

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