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What is Matrix Therapies?

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What is Matrix Therapies?

When Michelangelo made the statue of David, many were in awe of his incredible accomplishment. When asked how he did it, he said simply, “I just removed what was not David.” In Michelangelo’s mind David was always in that hunk of marble, perfectly formed and complete, just covered by the remaining marble around him. As if David was just waiting for someone to recognise his presence, and to release him into the physical world.

I liken this metaphor to the power of Matrix Therapies. We, as individuals, are already whole, bright, radiant beings, confident, self-aware, able to give and receive love within our boundaries, compassionate to self and others. And yet, through life’s sometimes harsh experiences, we have become covered by so many negative influences. Negative influences from our upbringing, careless or abusive adults, cruel peers, traumatic events, loss, grief and suffering, and this leads to limiting beliefs and negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt and shame. We become shy, lacking in self-belief, defensive and protective of ourselves, hiding our true brilliance for fear of more hurt.

So much has happened to us, and its all stored in our unconscious minds. Consciously we have forgotten so many things. In NLP we learn how the conscious mind deletes, distorts and generalises information, so we forget things, or we misinterpret and misunderstand things. Our conscious minds are limited, but our unconscious minds capture everything that has happened to us, every experience is stored in our unconscious minds, as if a video camera has been on since our time in the womb, recording and storing everything. So many of our triggers, our unconscious beliefs, our self-talk, our patterns of behaviour, the way in which we interact with others and the world, all stem from our interpretation of events that happened to us in the past and are stored deep in the unconscious mind.

Often we go through life, stuffing down any unpleasant emotions hoping we can ignore dealing with them. Many clients say its when life “should” be at its best, such as when they are in a happy marriage, that old anxieties and negative emotions resurface. The reason is because the unconscious mind notices you’re in a good place emotionally and thinks “Phew, now I can offload some of this repressed emotions and this person is in a good solid place to deal with it.” Sometimes a traumatic event can trigger a whole heap of undealt with trauma from the past. However we become aware of our limiting beliefs and negative emotions, rather than squashing all this emotion back down again, which is our usual first response, we can see this as an opportunity to deal with this “unfinished business” and resolve unhealed trauma once and for all.

This is where the elegant therapy model of Matrix Therapies comes in. Matrix Therapies removes what is “not you” – it removes negative influences, limiting beliefs and negative emotions. It allows us to learn from the past, release it and let it go, allowing us to move forward with renewed confidence, clarity and self-awareness. Matrix Therapy, developed by Pip McKay, incorporates Timeline Therapy, Inner Child Healing and there are similarities to Brandon Bays Journey Work, though is not based on it. It allows for the catharsis of traditional therapy, necessary for many clients, for them to be able to empty out and say what they maybe have never felt safe enough to say before, but it also can greatly increase the emotional healing process, with tangible results seen in 6-12 sessions.

Clients who have completed my 3-6 month programs in Matrix Therapies, cite that they feel more confidence, more clarity on their direction in life, more love, joy, and happiness, more compassion to others, and more compassion for themselves. With this enhanced understanding of their ability to consciously create their circumstances, they go on to have better careers, better relationships and a better quality of life in general.

If you would like to learn more about Matrix Therapies, please contact me.