How I changed my relationship to Money

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How I changed my relationship to Money

Owning a business can be tough. Even when money is coming in, it seems to flow straight out again paying a never-ending pile of bills.

I was getting Bitter. Angry. Resentful. Wondering if I should just go and get a full-time job again! What?? Just a momentary lapse of sanity I know, but it felt real in the moment!

So I sat down, closed my eyes, and used the wonderful Matrix Therapies that always give me profound insight and change.

I spoke to Money. Money had a female energy about it.

I said “Money you bitch, why do you play so hard to get??” I ranted for a while, and Money listened. Then Money had her say, “I feel used and abused”, she said, “You just expect so much of me, I’m doing my best but you exploit me!”

After listening to her for a while, I realised the problem:
Money was not the problem in my life.
My RELATIONSHIP with Money was my problem!

I was seeing it all wrong! I saw Money as my bitch to use and take as much as I pleased.

Now I realised that Money is more than happy to be there for me, but it needs to be a PARTNERSHIP, not a one-way street of me just taking, taking, taking.

Money and I came to a truce, a new understanding. From now on Money and I are working in partnership, as best buddies. Rather than looking at Money with disapproval and disappointment, I will SWAP EXPECTATION FOR APPRECIATION. I’m GRATEFUL for the Money that flows into my life, and will treat it with RESPECT and CARE.

Money and I are going to do wonderful things together. I want to help as many people as I can with healing emotional pain of all kinds. Money wants that too!

Also during this process I got a beautiful message from my Higher Power. It was “You have important work to do. I will always make sure you have the money to do what you need to do.”

Now I have so much Peace. I feel warm and loved and protected. With my Higher Power and Money by my side, I can do anything!

Have you ever felt at odds with Money? If you want help with your money blocks, please reach out to me.

Namaste xx